The backshore of Peaks Island...

... is a special place to us. Years ago we've sat here many times, dreaming about sailing away (Nana probably as long as she can remember). Now Peaks has become both, the destination for our first Transatlantic cruise and the departure point for our more recent "Pacific Interlude". We're back where we started almost three years ago and watching the setting sun reflect off the cliff on Cushing Island from the backshore is still a special treat ;-)

Back at 41N 74W...

We're back on the US Coast now, about a month after we left Namani and Australia in early May. We had a wonderful trip back with a few stops to see many old (and some new) friends along the way. Many thanks Margaret and Steve; Fenny, Howe and Elizabeth; Ken and Sylvia; Catherine and Chris; Sheila, Bill and Cecille; Sabina, Graham, Ethan and Lynden; Laura, Gary, Aiden, Gerda and Jack - it's been wonderful seeing you - you have all spoiled us with your hospitality!

Surf's Up!

After a relaxed few days with Steve and Margaret in Jakarta we caught a train to Yogyakarta in Central Java. We spent a day visiting the Buddhist temple at Borobodur and a Hindu temple in Prambanan before catching the bus to Pangandaran, our current location. It's a beach town on the south coast of Java that was last hit by a Tsunami in 2006. It got little news coverage in Europe back then (the big one was 2004) but still had over 700 people dead here. Tragically, the government had chosen not to pass on an advance warning received from Japan.

In the Bubble

In Sydney during a one day stop-over on the way to Indonesia... Nicky had fun with this street artist making giant soap bubbles in Hyde Park. It will probably be our last visit to Sydney for quite a while. We tremendously enjoyed our time here, especially when we were here on Namani over Christmas and New Year. Glad we got to see Tab, Jez and their kids again this time. Until we meet again in Germany ;-)

The Perils of Cruising...

...are small when compared to life on land. In four years and close to 30,000nm of cruising in some remote places aboard Namani, sunburn has probably been our biggest health hazard. Give us a day ashore on a playground in civilized Cairns, and Markus manages to fall off one of the contraptions and manages to break his collar bone... Luckily it's the left hand side and not too painful so it'll hopefully be just an inconvenience for a few weeks.

Then and Now

The picture on the left was taken by Cath Byrne when we made landfall in the Aeolian Islands as our first stop after leaving our home port on Sardinia in 2007. On the right you see us almost seven years later, off Fitzroy Island, near Cairns on the Australian East Coast, while doing some hand-over sailing last weekend with Janet, Namani's new owner. Nicky's feet do touch the deck on the right hand side picture....

Since we bought her in January 2006, we've had eight fantastic years with Namani, including four years of full-time cruising. Thank you Namani!

145 degrees 43 minutes East...

Back in August 2007 Namani was at her eastern most point in the Greek Aegean at about 25 degrees East. Now, at the end of our trip on Namani we're at our western most point, about 10nm north of Cairns at 145 degrees 43 minutes East. So Namani has made it almost exactly 2/3 around the globe (if measured by meridians crossed westwards, and not counting a few Atlantic crossings under Heinz, her previous owner).

Last Night at Anchor on Namani

Barring any major surprises this will be our last night at anchor aboard Namani. We had a nice 170nm sail from the Whitsundays up to here (Palm Islands, about 120nm south of Cairns). We'll start our last leg tomorrow (Wed, 30APR) morning and should make it into Cairns on Thursday. We're glad we got this little 'encore' by delivering Namani up the coast. After Thursday the packing will begin in earnest...

The home stretch

After our TC Ita episode in Pacific Creek, we stopped at Keppel Bay Marina in Rosslyn Bay for two nights to re-provision, do laundry, and get water and fuel. Then we were off again on 18APR, for an overnight sail to Scawfell Island in the Southern Cumberlands (the same island group that the Whitsundays belong to). From there we continued in day hops, first to Shaw Island, and then onto to Sawmill Bay on the the west side of Whitsunday Island, where we arrived last Tuesday (22APR; it's Saturday today).