01 - Mediterranean

Moored at Olbia, sitting out a gale

A quick update a week into our trip... We left St. Maria Navarrese on Sunday, July 8 at 6 am, sailing up the 60 nm up to Capo Coda Cavallo (just southeast of Olbia) where we spend a beautiful night at anchor (pictures to follow). While we had sailed this stretch multiple times before in either direction this was the first time we did the entire leg during daytime so we actually did get some new views of the cliffy and undeveloped coast line.

Schöner Abschied, schöner Anfang

Eigentlich hatten wir erwartet, am 29.06. bis Mitternacht unsere Siebensachen einzulagern und dann am Samstag (Nana's Geburtstag) kaputt und wehmütig von Gelting (vorübergehend) Abschied zu nehmen. Zum Glück kam es ganz anders: In dreieinhalb Stunden waren die Möbel und Kartons eingelagert und Nana's Geburtstag am 30.06. gestaltete sich dann noch besonders schön.

HF Installation - Part I

May 17-20: Spent a long weekend on the boat, installing the extension to the bow roller (to accomodate the new Rocna anchor) and installing the HF radio. As always, projects take longer than you originally expect them to but things worked out OK in the end. The bow roller now fits the anchor perfectly and even the holes for the "locking" bolt line up (a bit of a miracle given all the improvisation and guess work that went into determining the exact location of the holes in the new plates relative to the attachment points). Also got really lucky with the weather.