First Landfall

Vulcano, Aeolian Islands

39° 55' 48" N, 9° 41' 36" E


Jus a quick update since I'm using a public internet terminal with an awful keyboard...
Wwe made our first passage from Olbia/Sardinia to Filicudi in the Aaeolian Islands (north of Siciliy) and covered the 270 nm in about 65 hours at a leisurely pace with some very nice sailing unde starry skies in light winds. Nicky got the full program and saw dolphins, a wale annd some big ships and had a good time on the boat. After our arrival in the Aeolian we stayed for one night in Filicudi, then spent a night in a marina on Lipari to take on water and replenish annd are now at anchor before Vulcano where we hiked up the very vulcano tis morning. Next stop: Reggio Calabria - stay tuned...


Thanks, Nadine, for thinking of me! Jon will get the travel bug once more when I show him your photos. He got to see the same thing in April (dolphins and whales) near Corsica while sailing with his friends. Have a wonderful time!!

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