Who'll stop the rain...

Eastern Lemon Cays, San Blas Islands, Panama

9° 33' 51" N, 78° 51' 30" W


Some real tropical downpours in our anchorage today, as squalls associated with a tropical wave just NE of here move through. A very welcome replenishment of our fresh water supply after collecting more than 20 gallons in half an hour and enough to spare to do some laundry. Also a chance to catch up on schoolwork and some house-keeping. Things should get drier again by Sunday.


Henry gave a talk at his school today and showed a pictue of he and Nick fishing. His comment, "This is my friend Nick. He's from Germany. He left from Maine, and he should be getting to Panama, um, today. We're sailing around the east coast. They're sailing around the world." Love that we can keep up with y'all via the blog. Safe passages and Merry Christmas, Marianne

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