In search of the elusive tradewinds...

23d 05m N 019d 05m W

23° 24' 54" N, 18° 56' 24" W


A quick message from the Atlantic, still heading SSW to reach the tradewinds that are forecasted to have re-established themselves on Thursday when a low and associated cold-front off the Canaries and Madera finally crumbles and high pressure moves in north of us... about 2500 nm to go to Antigua, all is well aboard... finished the last of our fresh meat supplies yesterday, now hoping for the fish to bite to save us from the cans ;-) ... stay tuned for further updates...


Have been looking for you from aboard my flight to Buenos Aires, but no luck. You are obviously still too far east. I will have another look on my way back ! Mast- und Schotbruch ! Rainer

Unfassbar! Mein Gott, bin ich neidisch... Habe von R. Plotzke die Web Addresse bekommen und schaue regelmäßig rein... Mast- und Schottbruch! Grüße, Ralf Morawietz

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