Rolling on the Ocean

19d 53m N 033d 06m W

19° 52' 54" N, 33° 5' 48" W


Hello from the Atlantic where we have been heading west since last Wednesday (21NOV), when the tradewinds finally settled in again. After 24 hours of very confused seas we're now in a pattern of good sailing days with squally nights. Continued rolling in cross swells makes life aboard a bit strenuous as you cannot put down anything e.g. for cooking without it flying off some surface in the next big wave and you permanently have to wedge yourself somewhere below decks while brushing teeth, washing dishes etc. But we are getting used to it and have enjoyed some very fine sailing days under twin headsails which have proofed a very favorable sail configuration for this type of downwind sailing. About 1650 nm to go - All is well aboard, stay tuned for further updates...

PS: we have caught some fish (dorado, very tasty) since our last post and hope for some renewed fishing luck today or tomorrow to freshen up the meal plan...


You must be getting close to half way, right? Was the fish you caught the same as the one you caught on the way to Lanzarote? Did we catch a Dorado that time? I think about you every day and look up into the sky at the stars at night and wonder what your night was like...say hello to Nicky for me- any new lego racers since you left? :)

I have a new solution for washing your dishes after meals - flood the cabin, add soap, throw in the dishes, lock up the cabin, wait 20 minutes and...voila! Dishes are clean while you've enjoyed a wavy ride on deck!

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