Plans keep changing...

25-46N, 077-01W - SE of Great Abaco Island

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


Hello from underway again, this time about 15 nm SE of Great Abaco Island in the NW Bahamas at 10 pm local time ... the dreaded cold front passed us this morning between 4 and 5 am after a train of scattered thunder storms had passed just north of us... after the wind suddenly clocked about 40 degrees into the NNW all of the sudden the air became cool and dry - we're almost back in temperate latitudes... Bill makes fun of us now for feeling cold in airs of about 25 deg Celsius - we'll get used to it eventually...

Originally, we had planned on a short stop in the Abaco Islands but current wind and the weather forecast may have us continue straight on towards West Palm Beach in Florida in order to get Bill back to the mainland in time... stay tuned for further updates

PS: If anyone has access to news for the Bahamas: we're seeing the glow of a big fire somewhere on the east coast of Great Abaco Island (we can smell it too, about 20 nm downwind) - any information what this is?


Abaco National Park performs periodic controlled burns in order to assure the health of their forest of Bahamian Caribbean Pine. The tree is fire dependent in order to reseed. They have the largest pine forest in the Caribbean.

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