Passing the Torch?

Moored off Peaks Island

43° 48' 33" N, 69° 54' 21" W


We have had a busy two weeks in Maine so far - mostly with family and friends. We have delayed and delayed hauling Namani out and instead spent our time doing short, fun harbor sails with cousins, guests, nieces, nephews, uncles from age 4 to 72. Portland harbor is a beautiful place with stone 1800's forts, and the near islands of Casco Bay are our home waters, the place where I learned to sail. My father loved sailing (and dreamed of doing a trip like we have just completed) and it always fell to him to sail Portland harbor and the islands with his cousins, nieces, or guests on board. Now we have the boat, we host the rides, and we coach the little ones as they take their turn at the wheel. So in a way the torch has been passed. It is sad that my father (who died 24 years ago without fulfilling his biggest sailing dreams) can't join us on Namani, but he was aboard in my thoughts throughout our trip and a major inspiration to go, and go now.

When we first came to Maine two weeks ago, we had more or less completed our planned route, but we were eager for one last mini cruise to the northern end of Casco Bay. "Aren't you dying to get off your boat?" asked one person, incredulous. Well, no, actually; I am dying NOT to get off my boat! The other question we hear a lot of is "How was your trip?" 10,000 miles at about 5 knots makes for many varied impressions. The quick answer we all settle for is "Good" or "Great!" I suppose reading the entries to this blog would provide the longer, more thorough answer to that question. Malta, Arearea, Gibraltar, Sea Bright, the Grenadines, US East Coast - where to begin? We have been lucky to have this fantastic year, and, may I say, smart to have done it. I don't think we will regret the fact that we might never own a house or that our retirement savings didn't grow over the past year. What we do own is precious experiences, what did grow were our family bonds.

Tomorrow we will sail Namani to Yarmouth and ready her for storage until we are ready for our next trip, which I hope is sooner rather than later. We will write our last blogs (for the moment!) from there soon.


I hate to see your journey come to an end...I have enjoyed the reading! Best of luck to you.

Long-time reader, first-time writer! Have loved reading all of your entries throughout the year guys. Lovely to read your thoughts about your father Nadine. Yes, you are smart to have done what you've done :) Take care.

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