Not so bad after all

Peaks Island

43° 47' 24.6" N, 70° 10' 13.8" W


Irene passed through last night, luckily a bit anti-climatic without any major apparent damage around here. While the scene of crashing waves at the back shore was impressive at high tide last night, wind speeds recorded by a weather buoy 12 nm SE of Portland stayed around 30 kn sustained with gusts up to 36 kn, which doesn't sound so bad (see picture above). Against expectations we got very little rain from Irene here but there were floodings further north (see cloud cover in picture below).

Now we hope that the Royal River (where Yankee Marina is located) does not get too much of that over the next 24 hours...


Glad to read this. Our thoughts were with you over there.

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