Mehr Wimpelkettenbilder


37° 8' 36" N, 24° 30' 54" E


Nun endlich mal wieder .... nach einer Durststrecke haben wir endlich neue Wimpelkettenbilder für Euch. In der Marina in Tunisien gab's keine guten Fotomöglichkeiten, aber dafür habe ich mehrere Bilder vor Anker in den Balearen geklipst. Viel Spass damit!


so the 10 day count-down is on to sail across the atlantic - how exciting is that? enjoy the rest of your time near solid ground!

A year of gorgeous scenery.... what the heck am I doing at work???? Have a quiet and safe journey across the Atlantic.

I heard from Mom that you made it to Gibralter.. Yay! We are here studying and watching Thumbelina .. after a day of ballet, garage sale (already trying to pre-pack), tennis and swimming. Ahhh, suburbia-ville. Sending kisses and WARM hugs.

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