It's Monday...

Under way to the Marquesas, S09-16 W126-20

9° 16' 0" S, 126° 19' 60" W


.. which means we have been at sea for exactly three weeks now. Conditions continue to be good and we're making good progress (by our modest standards). The days pass surprisingly quickly between watches, Nicky's "boat school", navigation and radio scheds, some maintenance - and of course our attempts to hook another fish.

One of Nicky's assignments these past days was to write up our encounter with E Capoe (see post from a few days ago) as a news report. Here it is - hot off the press ;-)

NEWS REPORT: PHOTO SHOOTING IN THE PACIFIC By Nicky (reporting from aboard Namani)

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, the sailboat E Capoe and, more importantly, nice Namani, sailed close up for photo shooting. First, German Namani called up French-Austrian E Capoe on the useful SSB radio, asking if they wanted to do photo shooting with their proud and sturdy fiberglass boat, 35 foot Namani. Two masted E capoe said „Yes“ so Namani soon caught up with them. Then Namani sailed nicely with their white genoa and took lots of mid-ocean photos of each other. Then graceful Namani raised their beutiful blue Parasailor and soon took it down after E capoe got decent pictures because their was too much wind. Then heavy E capoe took out their bright spinnaker for pictures but one of the lines that holds the spinnaker came completely loose so soon their spinnaker was dragging in the water so nifty Namani couldn't get many good photos. But they may be planning to have another go because-two days later-they can still see each other.


Grusse,We are staying tuned in to nifty Namani's travels.Gute Reise,Fran and Steve

Wow, Nicky, what a great new report! I especially like the descriptive words you used in the article. Will there be a follow up article perhaps?

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