The home stretch...

Under way to the Marquesas, S09-56 W137-46

9° 55' 60" S, 137° 46' 0" W

About 40nm away from the eastern end of Hiva Oa / 60nm from the anchorage now (Sunday, 29APR, 2330 local time). Feels almost strange to think that we should see land at sunrise where the moon is about to set on the horizon...

As forecast, the wind has been dropping as we get closer to the islands. We eeked 3 kn out of the Parasailor this afternoon but then had to fire up the "Red Beta Sail" (our Beta Marine diesel engine). Now running at 1600 rpm, making about 4kn. If all goes well, we should make it to the Tahuku anchorage near Atuona on Hiva Oa by early afternoon tomorrow (Monday, 30APR). That would make almost exactly for a 4 week passage (we weighed anchor in the Galapagos at noon on 02APR).

We had a quick look at Namani's "under body" earlier today, expecting that we might need to clean the prop before engaging the engine. The prop was surprisingly clean but the hull has quite a skirt of gooseneck barnacles around the waterline. Amazing that this hasn't slowed us down more.

All is well aboard, stay tuned...


Hi Markus! I arrived in Hiva Oa and am in my hotel right know (Mon, 3:10 PM local time). So far hotel is booked until Wed. We'll discuss if I extend another 1-2 nights so you can enjoy soil under your feet and do all the necessary work. I will go to the Atuona harbour at 5 PM today and will have a first look.

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