Day 10

Under way to the Marquesas, S07-29 W100-39

7° 28' 60" S, 100° 39' 0" W

Wednesday, 11APR, ten days since we left the Galapagos. We'll celebrate with freshly baked bread and brownies ;-). Conditions are beautiful at the moment: 10...15kn from just abaft the beam, sunny skies with tradewind clouds - and we haven't touched a sheet since we took the Parasailor down 2 days ago. Very relaxed and nice sailing. Let's see how long it lasts... Yesterday was "bath day" on Namani: usually that means a bucket of salt water per person, to soap and shampoo, followed by a liter of fresh (rain) water to rinse of. Yesterday we felt we deserved a bit of luxury and inflated Nicky's old kiddy pool in the cockpit. Hence it was a full saltwater bath for each of us, followed by the rinse cycle. We are so sparkling clean now, we can be seen from miles away...

Other news: We had radio contact on SSB with a few boats that left the Galapagos 2-3 days ago and it seems they're experiencing similar conditions to what we had at that point (heavy rain and headwinds, followed by dead calms/light and variable winds under "troffy" skies). Maybe that'll be the pattern for the season - you have to go down to 6 deg S to find some useful wind. Usually we have been writing and sending these little updates during night watches. With increasing distance from Panama (the closest shore based radio station we can connect to for sending these updates) short wave propagation only works well for a few hours in the afternoon. Hence we'll be writing updates during the late morning now, which may make some of the time references in the text sound different from before. It's now 1200 "ship's time" = 1900 utc (we switched back our "ship's time" by one hour yesterday, when we crossed 97°30' W). Last but not least, I believe that Dortmund is playing Bayern Munich today in the German Soccer League. If the bits and peices of information I've snapped up over the past weeks are correct, the result could be an early descision for who will be this year's league champion. Now we're looking for a way how we can find out the result in mid-Pacific...

All is well aboard, stay tuned...


how big was the dorado?

Ahoy again! I think you need to tone down the saltwater bathing - you had all of Feldafing wearing sunglasses to accommodate your sparkling glare! So, it looks like Bayern is not going to make it - 9 points behind Dortmund. They must win tonight to make it 6... So, now I am you have a bread machine on your boat or are you kneading your way across the sea? I can't imagine all those flying fish on board ...what a hilarious sight! This is all absolutely phenomenal. Can't wait to read more and learn while I'm out at sea on your blog! Happy Trails! xo

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