Boat Life: the kids' perspective


37° 40' 12" S, 176° 10' 42" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

While we were busy with boat projects here in Tauranga, Nicky made friends with Katie and William from the boat Alouette. Together, they created a little video documentary on "what's it like to live on sailboat". We got them started, but they did everything else: agreeing on a script, shooting the video clips with a little compact camera, editiing them and putting them together, and adding transitions, text and music. They spent a total of four days working on this together, and we think the result is well worth watching. You can find it under this link. Enjoy!


Very cool video documentary, Nicky! I really enjoyed hearing about life on a boat from your perspective! Are you sleeping in the berth behind the chart table now?

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