A beautiful spot all to ourselves

Las Perlas Islands, Panama; anchored south of Isla Viveros

8° 27' 30" N, 78° 59' 48" W

Wind N@10kn

Moved 15 nm south today to Isla Viveros, where we have a beautiful anchorage under starry skies all to ourselves. Shoreline is rocky and wooded - feels a bit like Maine with a tropical climate. Boat work continues: Papi fixing the head, Mami scrubbing growth off the bottom and Nicky supervising it all ;-)


Hola! I hope all is well onboard NAMANI. I received a package in the mail today- the iguana mola!! How cool! I love it and I am sure Aiden will too. Thank you! I am so excited for you that you were able to leave the marina and continue your work at anchor. That must feel so good. How's the bread making going? Lots of love, Laura and Aiden

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