Baseball and Fish

31=B025'N 011=B013'W - 200 nm to Puerto Calero on Lanzarote

31° 25' 60" N, 11° 13' 0" W


A good day aboard Namani today - we heard this morning on the SSB from another Rally boat that the Red Sox won the World Series (we hope that's correct because the transmission was somewhat broken up). Then we got lucky and caught a big fish (we'll post pictures from Lanzarote so you can tell us what type we actually caught) which provided a filling lunch. We were told in Gibraltar that the best way to quickly kill fish is to pour some alcohol into its gills... our fish must have been Russian - it easily absorbed half a pint of vodka without any effect and we had to resort to more traditional methods. Last but not least Nicky saw a new kind of dolphin today (several Atlantic Spotted Dolphins). Now we're sailing along wing-on-wing with a poled genoa, making between 5 and 6 knots on a gentle Atlantic swell (last night was a bit rocky and rolly since we had still a northwesterly cross swell). Nicky is playing with a new little Lego truck he just got from Mami (3rd day out deserves a little present) and we hope to make it into Puerto Calero by Friday afternoon. Stay tuned for further updates...


yup, the Sox got it. any sea-sickness issues since you sailed off from Gibraltar?

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