Back in Les Saintes with some new videos

Le Bourg, Les Saintes

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


Arrived in Les Saintes again yesterday witth Jez and Tab after a stop-over on Marie Galante. Anchored off Le Bourg now, one of our favorite anchorages with very fond memories of our first stop here together with Sea Bright who have safely arrived in Bonaire a few days ago...

Below are some new videos from the last month, roughly in chronological order:

The first is a view of St. Georges on Grenada, taken by Laura from our dinghy:

The next one was taken in the Tobago Cays from a fishing boat that took us from a little excursion on Petit Tabac back through the Horseshoe Reef our anchorage:

Next is a view from Namani's companionway during our sail from Bequia to St. Lucia:

And some footage of Nicky waking up behind his lee cloth on the same leg (courtesy of Laura):

And last but not least some footage with a voice over from Nana taken during our sail from Dominica to Les Saintes/Guadeloupe:


Hey! great video additions! I am smiling thinking of you and shaking my head that i was actually still there with you only 2 short weeks ago. It feels like so much longer :( Right now it is minus 13 and snowing outside in good old Alberta. Needless to say I have been fantasizing again and checking flight specials...maybe the officials would overlook me if i was a cast away on St. Lucia and a few other islands for the year- what do you think? Hee hee. Happy sailing guys! Love Laura

Finally able to make comments again - am back in Australia. Looks like some nice winds! Have had a long cold winter in Beijing - so always nice to see the blue skies and water!

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