Away from the "big city"

Anchored off Tahuatu, southern Marquesas

9° 55' 0" S, 139° 6' 0" W

After sitting out a "rain day" in the Hiva Oa anchorage on Sunday, we sailed a few miles SW on Monday and are now anchored off the western shore of Tahuata in Ivaiva iti Bay. A beatiful anchorage (we can clearly see our anchor in 10m depth) with a nice beach and great marine life - away from the "big city Atuona" on Hiva Oa ;-) This morning Kary from the Finnish boat Merlelu came over to tell us that there were big Manta Rays feeding at the entrance to the bay. We grabbed our snorkels and fins. jumped in his dinghy and enjoyed an awesome swim right among a group of 6-7 big Mantas. They were crcling aroud us lazily and open mouthed, literally an arm's length away. After some school and playtime for Nicky on the beach with Tosca and Gabrielle from Topaze Markus had a chance to get the "101 Introduction to Spearfishing" from their dad (we had bought a small spear gun in Panama but have never used it yet). Mostly he was floating in awe as Christophe dove down to 10m waited their for 2-3min (no scuba gear) and after a few tries had speared two Mullets and a big Octopus in less than an hour. We benefited with one of the Mullets for dinner . Now we have to get some boat work done here over the next few days, before moving on. We will of course watch the Manta Rays again before breakfast. Stay tuned...


Tahuata has a ciguatera problem as do many of the Islands. I have been spearfishing with the locals and we let very tasty looking groupers swim past our face while we went after funny looking smaller fish. Just be careful.

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