Porvenir, Panama

9° 33' 29.4" N, 78° 57' 1.8" W


Dropped the hook off Porvenir in Panama's San Blas Islands at 08:00 local time this morning.. Had a really beautiful sail from Jamaica to here. Now getting ready to go ashore to clear in with Customs and Immigration and find out about flight options for Bill who needs to return to the US. More to follow later...

Picture above shows enjoying a cold drink after arrival with trying to organize his transport back to the US.


so glad to hear that you arrived. sent a reply re. molas.hope you got

Congratulations. Sounds like you are doing great. That must be about 4000 miles already - it only seemed 5 minutes ago that you were still in the states! Hope you enjoy the islands and the canal. What an adventure. Take care in Colon. Love seabright

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