Jolly Harbour, Antigua

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


We finally did arrive at Jolly Harbour at approx. 1330 local yesterday (Wed, 12DEC)... very nice place, very nice to be on land again and see the other rally boats & crews. Unfortunately, Peter had to leg it last night already to catch his flight back to the UK - 26 days at sea and 6 hours at the destination, that's got to be some kind of a record... Very nice to meet Ralf here who will be staying with us until Sunday. Today will mostly be taken up with cleaning up and then it will take a couple of days to "decompress" - right now it still feels as if we had just arrived here after a long day sail... In any case: everyone is well, Antigua is beautiful (I forgot how nice the Caribbean can be...) and we look forward to a relaxing week at Jolly Harbour. Pictures and movies to follow later - stay tuned


Thanks for a really useful account of a transatlantic crossing. Particularly your account of the elusive trade winds. Not knowing any better, we just assumed the trade winds were totally reliable, useful to know they are not! Thanks

Yay! Good to see you smiling and on a level boat! See you soon.

Well done guys! Very happy to hear that you made it safely to Antigua. What a journey. Enjoy your rest and we'll talk to you soon. Jez

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