An addition to our top-10 list of favorite anchorges

Anchored off Snow Island, Casco Bay - 43-49N 069-54W

43° 48' 33" N, 69° 54' 21" W


After two days on Peaks Island we used the nice weather today for a sail a little further north and are now anchored off Snow Island in Casco Bay. It's very beautiful and quiet up here - definitely among the the nicest places we have dropped the hook in. There is a group of 12 seals hanging out on a rock that's awash at low tide about 30 meters from our boat.

This spot is also said to have the warmest water in Casco Bay (at 15-16�C that's a very relative statement...) so Nicky and Papa even braved a swim... Unfortunately, the weather is expected to get worse again before summer finally arrives so we may just head back to Peaks tomorrow and start to get the boat ready for haul-out next week. Stay tuned...


Hi guys, so glad to see you've made it safety! We're also so glad we got to spend some time with you on your trip, and we can't wait to see you again soon. The photo disc arrived and they worked perfectly, so thank you so much. Talk soon, love Jez and Tab

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