Reaching Out to Fellow Dufour 35 Cruisers

Pittwater, NSW

33° 37' 24" S, 151° 17' 30" E

Cruising the Australian East Coast

Over the past few years this blog has brought us in touch with a few fellow owners of an original Dufour 35 of Namani's vintage (the series was built in the 1970's and early 80's). We've enjoyed the exchanges and they have often been helpful as a sounding board for boat questions regarding modifications and repairs. Why re-invent the wheel if someone else has already thought of a good solution?

In order to facilitate an easy flow of information among D35 owners we have now set up a Yahoo mailing list. The idea is simply to be able to reach out to fellow owners to share boat-related information and bounce off questions and ideas. So if you're another proud owner of an original Dufour 35, interested in joining that mailing list: send us a message - either as a comment to this post or on our home page ( under "Contact and Feedback" - and we'll send you the details on how to join.


Hi, I own a 1976 Dufour 35 and would like to join the group you mentioned. Thanks

Hallo, I am a 'proud' :-) owner of a 1979 Dufour 35 and would like to join the group you mentioned, especially to get, share and exchange different experience and information about the boat, especially aspects of refitting, interior modifications etc. Thanks in advance for your reply, I'll be happy to get soon some more information! Fred

Hi, I own a 1973 Dufour 35 I would like to jointhe group Thanks

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