Welcome to Nicky's Page

I am Nicky and I am the little guy on Namani. I like to play Lego which I have five boxes of, and I like macaroni. I also like big boats (that “big” is over 100 ft). But I also like racing sailboats and snorkeling.

My bunk on Namani used to be on the pilot berth above the starboard settee in the salon. But now I’ve grown too tall for that and I have moved into the quarter berth. If we make overnight passages I sleep in the cockpit (if it’s not raining). I like my bunk and my stuffed animals are: Frodi, Mr. H (I didn’t name him) and Fluff Egg (because he is made of fluff).

I like living on a boat because you see so many things that are different: First day in the middle of the ocean, second day you’re seeing 500 fish…

I do wish we could have a faster boat because our cruising speed is five knots. I do like being on Namani but not when the bow rises 2 meters out of the water. I’m nine years old and sometimes we meet other kids who I play with.

For school I go to the Mama and Papa School on Namani. On this page you will find links to some of the things I reported on for school and also some of the other little projects I do around Namani.