Life on a Sailboat: Sailing in the Open Ocean

Planes. Dolphins, water and waves! These are some of the things I see on Namani when we are in the middle of nowhere. Right now, we are on our way to the Galapagos islands, and it will take roughly ten days to get there.

One of the usual things we see on Namani when we are underway is the big, blue Pacific Ocean all around us. Sometimes, we see cargo ships delivering thoings like oil. They are usually on the horizon, so we look out for ships. Every day, I also see our friend, Bill, who is helping us sail by giving us an extra person. On the other hand, one unusual sight was a radar plane which was checking us out. Sometimes, we see pods of dolphins wake-riding by our bow and once, we spotted a killer whale in the distance.

Not only do we see things, we also do a lot to keep ourselves busy. One of the things we do is bathing in our inflatable baby pool. We only do it maybe once a week because we have to save water. Our usual activities are sailing and looking at the GPS to see our speed and position. I often read Tintin, draw streams of ones and zeros, and play card games like Golf. Lastly, I do home schooling with Momy, and sometimes we do math, spelling, essays, and science. Every night, I sleep outside in the cockpit under the stars. It is nice because you can see all the constellations. Sometimes, I use the sextant to measure the altitude of stars, planets, or the moon. It is very fun and it is not very hard.

I sometimes get a chance to swim in the ocean when there is so little wind, we are going nowhere. To do that, I jump in and swim to the swim ladder. It is fun because I like swimming. Actually, it ius not such a different feeling than swimming off a beach. At night, I look at constellations like Orion, the shiny moon, and planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.

Sailing in the open on a boat, you get to see and do amazing things. I like sailing and I find it very different than being on land.