Work Week Completed - Back at Balboa

Balboa, Panama

8° 27' 30" N, 78° 59' 48" W

Wind N@15kn

We had a beautiful sail today, from Chapera in Las Perlas back to Balboa. Close hauled in 15kn of wind and small seas, with Namani peaking at >7kn through the water :-)

We went to Las Perlas a week ago, figuring that we might as well do the work on the boat there in a nicer setting and it was well worth it. For one, we got a lot done (see picture above: Nicky and Papa in the cockpit locker/engine compartment installing the replacement bilge blower), but we also had a really nice time enjoying some very beautiful anchorages all to ourselves (think Maine coast with dry Panama weather, sandy beaches and lots of Pelicans).

Nicky got to build giant sand castles ...

... kayak with Mami....

... and snorkel with Papi

We also had two movie nights on Namani, with fresh popcorn and all. The picture below shows the popcorn preparation on Namani's stove (thanks Laura!).

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