A whirlwind day (kind of)

Anchored in Baie d'Avea, off the SW corner of Huahine

16° 38' 22.2" S, 151° 25' 42.6" W

A busy day - by local standards... weighed anchor in Huahine at 0800 local time this morning, after returning Merilelu's water juggs (they had kindly offered to use 60l of their supply to top off ours since they needed to do a bigger refill anyway). Motored north inside the lagoon and dropped anchor again off Fare, at the NW end of Huahine at 1000h. Spend 2 hours and about USD 500 to reprovision at the supermarket there and stock up for the next 6 weeks (until Tonga that is). Weighed anchor again and sailed 20 nm west to Tahaa, the island just north of Raiatea. Now anchored here for the night in 5-6m of crystal clear water with some nice coral close by. Maybe we'll do an early morning snorkel expedition tomorrow, before we move to the western side of Tahaa, where we hope to renuite with Topaze at last. Stay tuned...

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