Under way to Fulanga

S18-40 W178-55

18° 40' 0" S, 178° 55' 0" W

Cruising in Fiji

We left our anchorage at Taveuni at 1500 local time on Thursday afternoon (28JUN) right after the rain from a passing front/trough had cleared and are now (29JUN, 2345 local) about 35nm from the pass into the lagoon of Fulaga Island in the southern Lau Group. Last night had us motoring in light and variable winds but today we got lucky and could sail for most of the day on a comfortable beam reach. The wind died again just before sunset and we are now under engine again, slowly moving over what looks like a giant duck pond. A bit more than a half moon rose about an hour ago and it's a very clear and beautiful night. We're trying to time our entry through the pass on the NE side of Fulaga to catch the beginning of the incoming tide. With the wind being as light as it is, a couple of hours shouldn't matter though - as long as we don't have the tide against us at full tilt. We're curious what we'll find in Fulaga which we have heard being referred to as one of the most beautiful places in Fiji. It will also be our first "sevusevu", the traditional kava ceremony during which guests present and introduce themselves to the village chief. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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