The Tip-Top Restaurant

San Antonio, Jamaica (posted from Portobello, Panama)

9° 33' 18.6" N, 79° 39' 33" W


Now that we have an internet connection, a little flashback to our last evening in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Our friend Bill had just arrived from the US and we wanted to have a farewell dinner at our favorite food place in Port Antonio, the Tip-Top Restaurant (unique - you have to check it out if you're ever there). By the time we got there however, Owen, the chef, was just closing up the kitchen for the day. Based on a conversation we had earlier he had expected us a day earlier and was planning on leaving early this night. After much regretting on all sides he opened up the kitchen again and we had a fabulous and fun meal (his version of "Chicken Chop-Suey" - as Bill put it: "The Caribbean version of the American bastardization of a Chinese dish"), with Sgt. Lorenzo from the local police force stepping in as the waiter. A very fond memory of a beautiful place with some very nice people...

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