Third night out

Turned the corner, now with direct course to Galapagos

3° 43' 24.6" N, 81° 28' 7.2" W

Wind: none

At 1500 local time yesterday (Friday, 02MAR) we passed about 40nm east of Malpelo Island (Colombia) and turned the corner for a direct course to the Galapagos. The wind had been perfect up to then but started to slowly die soon thereafter. The Intratropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ, "the Doldrums") had dropped below the Equator for a few days but is moving up again now. With us moving south we are fast converging.... After wallowing around for 9 hours we have started up the "iron sail" (i.e. our good old Beta Marine engine) at 0300 and are now motoring at just above 5 knots. If forecasts are right, light winds should set in again in a couple of days, and will hoprefully allow us to sail again on a close reach. All is well aboard, stay tuned....

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