Team Namani Wins Americas Cup

Auckland, NZ

36° 50' 12" S, 174° 44' 42" E

... or at least felt as if they did ;-) We paid a visit to Auckland's Voyager Maritime Museum this afternoon. It's a great museum with a big section dedicated to NZ's role and success in yacht racing, themed around Sir Peter Blake. No surprise, the Americas Cup figures prominently in there, and in one corner they have this fun little sailing simulator, complete with grinding stations and all. The picture above shows Nicky as the tactician and helmsman, Nana as the foresail trimmer and grinder, and Markus as the mainsail trimmer and grinder. We were racing a virtual pace boat to the windward mark and after a few trial runs did succeed in getting to the mark first (for the record: that was with Nana manning the tactician and helmsman stations, Nicky doing mainsail trim and grinding, and Markus as the foresail trimmer and grinder). Watch out when we sail Namani out the harbor tomorrow...

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