The sooner the better...

Anchored in Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

36° 10' 60" S, 175° 22' 0" E

.. was the title of an article Nana had written 3 years ago about our visit to Dave, Jo and Beth on Seabright in April 2009 in the Bay of Islands. The title referred to the hope that we could have Seabright and Namani sail together again, like in those good old days in the Eastern Caribbean. This afternoon we sailed into the entrance to Port Fitzroy on Great Barrier Island together - Seabright coming from just north of Auckland and Namani having sailed from Tutukaka Harbour. A great sight! We now look forward to exploring the Hauraki Gulf together during Seabright's 2-week vacation, before heading down to Auckland.

We had weighed anchor at Tutukaka at 05:55 this morning were very lucky to have some steady wind all day. Close hauled, we could almost make our course to Great Barrier and had to throw in only one tack just at the end - 62nm sailed for 50nm distance, not too bad. Beth and Nicky took an after dinner cruise, rowing in our dinghy and exploring the bay at dusk, while their parents were catching up on Seabright. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow ;-)

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