Slowly gliding towards NZ

Under way from Minerva Reef to Opua, NZ

25° 37' 0" S, 178° 54' 0" E

It's been very relaxed sailing the last 24 hrs, gliding along on "best course to windward" (currently averages at around 225deg true) at 3-4 knots. We made good speed the first 12 hrs after we had departed North Minerva yesterday (15NOV) morning. Since last night the wind has been dropping as we approach a band of high pressure that has its axis run along 27.5 deg south. So far we've managed to maintain an average speed of about 4kn but now we seem to be getting close to the center of that high pressure band and the sea starts to look like a duck pond (no moon yet but the reflection of Jupiter doesn't show any ripples on the water anymore). We're currently very close to the position at which Adventure Bound turned around about 8 days ago in very rough conditions to assist a boat in distress 60nm further north. What a contrast... We may have to spend 24 hrs of engine time soon so we can get to 30deg south in time to ride the backside of that "Swedish high" that is expected to be east of NZ's orth Island early next week. On other news we have crossed the "real" dateline and into east longitudes last night around 2230 local time. Now we're counting down rather than up again as we move west. All ist well aboard, stay tuned...

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