Slow progress

En route between Minerva Reef and New Zealand

31° 7' 0" S, 177° 13' 0" E

Well... those fresh nortehrlies didn't last 36 hrs but only about 18 before they died around 1000 local time this morning (20NOV). Feels like we've spent most of the day trying every possible sail configuration to eek out 2kn of the fickly breeze that remained. Ended up with te Parasailor again which - when flopping in light airs - is (a) least annoying and (b) creates the smallest shock loads compared to everything else we tried. All good exercise... Around 6pm we then picked up a light easterly breeze and are now making progress again at a whopping 3.5 kn - after covering all of 25nm between 10am this morning and 10pm tonight... 300nm to go which now probably means a Saturday rather than a Friday arrival. But hey - we're sailing and all is well aboard! Stay tuned...

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