A short hop south

Anchored off Tahuatu, southern Marquesas

9° 58' 0" S, 139° 7' 0" W

We moved today - a whole 4nm to the south to Hapatoni Bay, still on Tahuatu. Beautiful scenery again, this time steep woody slopes rather than a palm fringed white sand beach. This bay also has a little village that had its annual procession today for what we believe is Mary's Ascension (what they call "MariƤ Himmelfahrt" at home in Bavaria where it is celebrated on 15AUG).

Nicky is happy, because he can play with Tosca and Gabrielle again from Topaze, who had moved here earlier today. We still enjoyed the morning in our "old" anchorage where we had a last swim with the Manta Rays. Just when we were climbing out of the water, Kari from Merilelu stopped by to deliver some fresh baguette which they had picked up in the next bay where there is also a small bakery. What a life... We also got a re-supply of bananas from Happy Bird, and Saltbreaker, our new neighbors in our new anchorage here, also kindly off-loaded some fresh fruit on us. They had traded some line with the local people and received an over-supply of fruit in retrun.

All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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