Scallops and Tuatuas

Anchored off Scallop Beach, Great Mercury Island, New Zealand

36° 36' 0" S, 175° 46' 60" E

Came back to the bay where we had two nights ago when we had Seabright and Saltbreaker on Namani. Saltbreaker had brought scallops that night which they had just picked up from the seafloor behind their boat. We were keen to dive for our own batch, hence our return to this bay. We crossed Saltbreakers path on the way in today (they were on their way further south) and they recommended to also look for clams below the tide line. So we got a bucket full of Tuatua clams (at least that's what we believe they were) and then dove for some scallops where Saltbreaker had been anchored before. A delicious dinner all around. Also decided to name this so far unnamed bay "Scallop Beach" ;-)

Seabright already went back up to Great Barrier today. We decided to take our chances and hope to get there tomorrow before the wind turns to the north. We shall see... looking forward to seeing them again back up there in any case.

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