Scallops and sunsets

Anchored in Peachgrove Bay, Great Mercury Island, New Zealand

36° 37' 60" S, 175° 49' 0" E

Sailed the 30+nm from Greta Barrier SE to Great Mercrury Island, and anchored on its western side yesterday afternoon (one of these nice open bays where you can actually sail up to anchor). We had just dropped the hook when we heard "Namani, Namani, this is Saltbreaker, Saltbreaker" on the VHF. Saltbreaker is owned and sailed by two brothers from San Francisco, and we have kept crossing their path ever since the Marquesas in the "less obvious places". Last night we finally had a chance to spend some time with Alex and Nick, plus their visiting friend Dan, and the three Seabrights. We spend a nice evening on Namani, enjoying some scallops that Alex and Nick had picked off the seafloor a few hours before, plus a very beautiful sunset over the Coromandel peninusla.

Did some exploring today on Great Mercury Island, which is owned by one of the wealthier New Zealanders who lkindly permits visitors to roam across the very beautiful landscape. Moved to Peachgrove Bay on Great Mercury's south side in the afernoon for some more stunning scenery, taking advantage of the settled weather. Will likely stay here for another day before moving either back to Great Barrier or some anchorage on Coromandel.

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