A Salty Piece of Land

Moored off Ilot Amedee

22° 28' 60" S, 166° 28' 0" E

Cruising in New Caledonia

We're on a mooring off Ilot Amedee, about 12nm south of Noumea at the outer reef. Ilot Amedee has New Caledonia's tallest light house at 53 meters and we enjoy watching it's beam sweep over us while we hear the surf breaking on the reef under a starry sky. The Amedee light house features prominently in Jimmy Buffet's "A Salty Piece of Land", a book we read during our 2007/2008 trip in the Caribbean. Nice to finally see it "in person" ;-)

We left Noumea yesterday after deciding that it was very unlikely for the weather forecats to change in a way that would make us want to depart tomorrow (as of tonight it hasn't changed much and still shows that low hanging around the Tasman between 04NOV and 06NOV). We stayed at Ilot Maitre last night and Nicky had a great time with Martha and Audrey on Papillon yesterday afternoon. This morning it was "good bye" then but we're optimistic we'll see them again before we leave here.

Now the plan is to sail on to Ilot Mato tomorrow (about 20nm to the SE), stay there for a few days and watch the weather forecasts. At this point we expect to be In New Caledonia for at least another week before the next stable high might materialize for the trip to Australia.

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