Ready to move again

Anchored in Baie d'Avea, off the SW corner of Huahine

16° 48' 41.4" S, 150° 59' 28.2" W

Had three very nice and relaxed days here on the SW corner of Huahine, with Helena and Kari from Merilelu and Ingrid and Gerd from Lazy Lady. Got a quite a few smaller boat projects knocked off the list, so it wasn't all idle time. Snorkeling is nice but not great around here (we're probably spoiled by now). We did however see our first few Clown Fishes (remember "Finding Nemo"?). They're said to be more typical for the western Pacific, so the ones we saw must be the "guys on the frontier". We now plan to leave tomorrow morning, reprovision in Fare at the NW corner of the island, and then sail over to Tahaa where we look forward to rejoining Topze. All is well aboard, stay tuned....

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