A quick turnaround

Portland, ME

44° 22' 60" N, 68° 48' 0" W


Picked up a mooring at Portland Yacht Services this morning after a short early morning sail from The Goslings. Were expecting to stay for 2 days to knock some jobs off the boat to-do list. However, after a brief look at the weather forecast decided that we should continue southwards to the Isles of Shoals the same night because we might otherwise be stuck for longer than planned. So we did real whirlwind turnaround with laundry, major food shopping and a few other errands in town (incl. a look at lobsters for Nicky in the picture above), to slip our mooring at 7:30 pm for our first overnight leg this time around. Ended up motoring into a moderate headwind to reach the Isles of Shoals (off Portsmouth, NH) by daybreak the next morning.

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