Pit Stop

Port Lucaya Marina

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


After 48 hrs of great sailing through the Bahamas we're now tied up on Grand Bahama Island on Port Lucaya for one night before leaving for Florida tomorrow. Exact destination in Florida will depend on wind and Gulf Stream - either Fort Pierce or Cape Caneveral. Our previous plan to continue straight on to Florida without a stop in the Bahamas became a victim of (a) a start-up problem of our engine (which we have now fixed or can at least temporarily remedy and which also required a tow into harbor - see picture) and (b) a forecast for a 9 ft NE swell tonight (which is supposed to go down tomorrow). So we'll enjoy a good night's sleep on a boat that is not moving and look forward to another 24...36 hrs of good sailing - stay tuned for further updates...

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