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Cruising in New Caledonia

As a good German I like my beer - a commodity that we loath to run low on aboard Namani. I have a preference for "hoppier" tasting pilseners and IPAs - flavors that are hard to come by among the beer brands available and affordable in the tropics. One learns to adjust and gets used to the local lagers but still yearns for a stronger taste from time to time.

Thanks to Christophe from Topaze we've now found the solution to that beer drinking cruiser's dilemma: Picon, a slightly bitter orange liquor popular in northern France and available in Noumea. Add a bit of Picon to your standard tropical brew and you have something that tastes good not only because it's cold. Depending on your rate of consumption a 1 liter bottle of Picon might get you almost all the way across the Pacific. A pity we found this so late into our trip!

We're now working on a legal argument that would make the use of Picon compliant with the German "Reinheitsgebot" for beer - in order not to have Nicky's and my German citizenship revoked...

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