Pacific by kayak

421nm to go to the Galapagos

2° 47' 2.4" N, 83° 33' 21.6" W

Wind: none

While we had light winds suffcient for slowly sailing on a close reach from midnight last night to about 1500h this afternoon, the air hasn't moved around us since then. An opportunity for Nana to inflate the kayak and paddle around Namani in the open Pacific. For the rest of us the chance for a little swim call to cool off. The water temparature is significantly warmer than it was close to Panama and there is increasingly more moisture in the air as we move SW - so things start to feel truly tropical again. No convection so far but this will likely change as we get closer to the ITCZ (which has been stubbornly stuck just a bit south of the Equator).

This slow speed drift/sail is quite different from the longer passages we had so far and certainly has its upsides. The boat is flat and we could even have dinner at the cockpit table without the risk of cuttlery, plates and glasses becoming airborne. Nicky has been keeping busy with school work and reading. He also joined us in taking some sextant sights when we were trying to brush up our celastial navigation skills. Having seen a Killer Whale leisurely swimming past Namani just before dinnner has been another little highlight of the day. All is well aboard - stay tuned...

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