Out of the frying pan and into the coals...

Yarmouth, Maine

43° 47' 24.6" N, 70° 10' 13.8" W

Nana & Markus

No sooner did we have Namani ready to sail again, than we had her hauled again to sit out Irene on the hard. While forecasted wind strength has gone down a bit after Irene made her first landfall in the Carolinas, we fear that any safe anchorage will be overcrowded as there are hardly any boats left on their moorings in Casco Bay. All marinas seem to have cleared and pulled out their docks. In fact the ferry ride back to Peaks Island where we will sit out Irene was almost eerie: Not a single boat in sight in Casco Bay on a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon.

A big thank you to the people at Yankee Marina who have done an amazing job, essentially working around the clock since Thursday to haul boats and anchor docks! Namani can be seen all the way to the right on the picture above.

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