Nicky's birthday

Moored off Niue

19° 3' 20.4" S, 169° 55' 28.2" W

Nicky turned 9 today (27SEP) and we had a nice little birthday party at the Niue Yacht Club (of which we are now proud card carrying members), together with Victoria and Aspasia and some other cruisers currently on moorings here. The party was preceded by a little treasure hunt. The cookie monster had stolen the birthday cake and Nicky, together with Niclas and Hannes from Victoria) had to uncover a series of clues to get the cake back. To everyone's relief they succeeded ;-)

Had very nice tour of the island by rental car on Tuesday and a very nice dive ("Snake Alley and Bubble Cave") yesterday. Today we had a pair humpback whales swimming through the anchorage (Nana caught a glimpse of the while snorkeling). We now plan to leave for Tonga on Sunday, when the weather is forecast to settle down on some steady easterlies for a few days. Stay tuned...

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