A nice sailing day

Under way to the Marquesas, S05-29 W092-16

5° 28' 44.4" S, 92° 16' 11.4" W

Friday (06APR) turned out to be a very nice sailing day - and it still is now, a few minutes past midnight under a full moon and a few scattered clouds. While we had to motor through much of last night (Thursday into Friday), the wind picked up around 9am local time this morning, and we had some very nice sailing, close reaching under sunny skies over a gentle swell (plus some help from the current). Sun glasses out for the first time since leaving Cristobal! The wind was out of SSE, but still a bit too light for broad reaching on a direct course to the Marquesas. Hence we continue to go SSW..SW, hoping that the wind will pick up a bit and we finally can start to run with it. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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