Namani caught on film in the Canal!

Balboa Yacht Club, Panama

8° 56' 14.4" N, 79° 33' 21" W

The picture above shows Namani in the Miraflores as captured by the Canal webcam (thanks Paul for the screenshot!). If you look carefully you can even see the "Wimpelkette" running from the top of the mast to the end of the boom!

The picture was taken on Sunday on our way "down" to the Pacific. On Saturday we transited with two other verssels up to Gatun Lake: "Clipper Mercury", a 600 ft cargo ship, and "Share-E", 70ft sport fisher we tied up to. The image below shows the page from the official southbound canal transit schedule for 14JAN with these three boats (click on the image to enlarge).

Nicky has actually gone through all the schedule pages for last Saturday and charted the 45 vessels the transited southbound on 14JAN by size. No surprise, Namani was the smallest of them all...

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