Moving south - in small steps

anchored off Ha'ano Island, Ha'pai Group, Tonga

19° 40' 13.2" S, 174° 17' 22.2" W

After two very nice days in Hunga/Fafoa Island we set sail for Ha'ano Island in Tonga's Ha'pai group (the next set of islands to the south of Vava'u). We had a very relaxed sail over night, beam reaching in moderate wind and on on very moderate seas, and arived here just after sunrise. By the time we had tacked up to the anchorage we had enough light to pick a scenic anchor spot between the coral (with Victoria's help, who had sailed here a night earlier). Nice coral and snorkeling and some interesting big bats hanging in the trees on the island. We plan to move on to Lifuka tomorrow (a short hop at 12nm).. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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