Moving ...

Cayas Hollandes, San Blas Islands, Panama

9° 35' 18" N, 78° 40' 31.8" W


.. in very small increments. Have moved a full 12nm today to a new anchorage that everyone refers to as the "Swimming Pool" in the Cayas Hollandes. Conveniently, there seems to be re-use of names for individual islands between the different island groups. So we are again anchored off an island named Banedup. Originally, we had planned to go to Coco Banderos today (a full 5 nm further!), but we reckon we have a higher chance of intercepting the fruit & veggie boat here (if it does indeed come ...).

After having averaged1000 nm / month during Sep/Oct/Nov, we now seem to be down to 10-15 nm / week - a marked and welcome change. It will pick up again soon enough...

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