Marina Bay Update


37° 8' 36" N, 24° 30' 54" E


A quick update from Gibraltar... we arrived here last Saturday (October 13th) after an uneventful 130 nm from Almerimar to join the other Blue Water Rally boats here in Marina Bay (more on that later). This weekend (it's Sunday, October 21 today) we went to Smir on the Marrocan side of the Strait yesterday, coming back today. Two great sailing days with good wind. Nana took some videos on the way back which you can hopefully see here if you're interested:

Approaching The Rock on the way back from Smir (with voice over from Nana):

Dolphins accompanying Namani in the Strait:

And a 360° view on our way to Gib (again with Nana voice over):

btw... we have now our onboard email via shortwave radio working which means we can post regular position reports from underway - see the new link on the right.

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