Life at Anchor

Posted from Portsmouth, Dominica (written in Anse d'Arlet, Martnique, 07.03.2008)

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


To prevent this blog from turning into too much of a "and then we went from A to B"-type story, we'd thought we try to describe what life at anchor (which is our primary mode of operation these days) is like for us. During our first three months in the Mediterranean, we never stayed out at anchor for more than a week before going into a marina or to some town quay with access to fresh water and shore power/electricity. Now we have just spent more than five continuous weeks at anchor throughout the Windward Islands and when we finally went into Rodney Bay Marina to re-provision, we couldn't wait to get out again. What has changed? Primarily, it's our improved ability to keep our consumption of fresh water, electricity, fuel and food supplies in line with what we can re-provision/generate without tying up in a marina. Also, we have become better at anchoring (so we hope), with a better feel of how our new anchor performs in different bottoms. For those who are interested, we have outlined under this link how water, food, electricity, fuel and the anchor equipment itself have worked for us over the past few months. We truly enjoy our autonomous little floating home with wind and solar generated power and the very conscious use of fresh water and electricity - without feeling deprived of any luxury. For us, the peace and beauty of swinging at anchor and jumping off the boat for a swim far outweigh the "conveniences" that marinas offer.

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